Wednesday, September 28, 2011
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Latest Event Updates for Week 2!
You cannot miss out on this annual event with the spoooky atmosphere.

Join us for this talk on how to keep yourself safe and healthy!

Now we all know the theme is "thriller" for halloween party this year.. THEREFORE WE HAVE A DANCE all ready for you. Join us in the attempt to teach everyone the thriller dance and show of that innate dancing potential in you on Halloween!

Intramurals information are now up! Please join us for intense and exciting sports this fall!

Spookfest Fall Carnival is here!!

Please note that for all events, sign up at the Student Life Office, Second Floor of the LSC building!

Monday, September 26, 2011
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Week 1
Hello all! How was your week? Week One sure flew past and here we are at Week Two. Are you guys already exhausted from all the schoolwork and stress? Well Student Life Office is here to cheer you on with MORE events!

Remember the Tyrone Wells Concert that will be happening on the 30th of September at 7pm? Do attend!!! It is free. FREE let me reiterate once again! He is a fantastic performer and we have had him here in Green River before. Do not miss this opportunity of having to bask in some rocking good music in this beautiful Fall weather.

Anyhoo~ Here is some update on MORE events.

Resource Fair :

Blacklight Ice Skating

Wednesday, September 21, 2011
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Core Pictures
Core has been over for about.. 4 days. We know you guys miss it so we're gonna post some photos to let you relive some memories !

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One thing Seattle is famous for is its BOEING Company. Having to said so, who is interested in our Boeing Trip? Student Life Office has open sign ups for those interested in this trip and please hurry ! Come join us in this fun tour around Seattle's famous trademark... or land.

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The annual event held at GRCC is happening once again! Come dress up in your spooky outfits to the theme " Thriller ". This is going to be a fun and amazing party filled with activities~

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Fall Quarter is indeed extremely tiring and stressful.. so why not give yourself a treat and head down to the Seattle Premium Outlet! Where can you find such reasonable prices? You heard us!!! OUTLET!!

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Transfer Fair

For those who are about to transfer to their desired university next year, Student Life Office has hosted an event for you to learn more about how are you to go about with your applications.

Monday, September 19, 2011
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Seattle Trip
Just an update! We still have vacancies for the Seattle Trip. Sign up at the Student Life Office and remember to bring your nametag and $20.

Also, for those who signed up, please remember :

* We are meeting at 930am , Bus Circle! Do not be late and please remember:
- Orientation Name Tag
- Money For Lunch
- Camera
- Lunch

*NOTE : This trip is only for NEW international Students.

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Intramurals has arrived!! A volleyball tournament would be coming up this quarter at GreenRiver and it is now your chance to see who got what it takes to win this game! Get into teams of 4 and when you're ready, sign up at the Student Life Office to keep your spot.


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B(R)EA(S)T Cancer

It's breast cancer awareness month in October and here are some activities we hope you all will participate it. Show your compassion and care by joining us every thursdays and throughout the week of october. Spread the love~

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Ever wanted to learn how to drum? Yes you're thinking about it and oh wait! Hear the drumming? Greenriver's Student Life Office got things going! A great opportunity for you to learn how to drum and learn the rhythms. Sign up at the Student Life Office to join us in this exciting event!

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Gator Bulletin is out and up! Please read through to know what activities are up and coming! Remember to sign up at the Student Life Office for our events~ It's on a first come first serve basis so hurry, the spots won't wait!

Thursday, September 15, 2011
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Indoor Sky Diving
Yes you heard us! We will be sky diving...........INDOORS!

Ever wonder how it feels like to be hovering above the ground? Ever wanted to know how it feels like to fly? Here is the chance for you! Student Life Office has open doors to this unique experience. We will be bringing you all to the newly open indoor sky diving center at Tukwila.

If interested, sign up at the Student Life Office. Sign up has officially started so hurry before you miss out! It is indeed the experience of your lifetime!

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Urban Restoration
Interested in volunteering? Doing your part for the community? Show your love for mother nature through your action?

Here you go! An opportunity to do all the above! We will be planting trees and everything green. For more information, please sign up at the Student Life Office!

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Fall Fling
How's everybody after the whole entire week of intense preparation for your classes? Here is what student life office have for you! Falllllll Fling~!

Come join us on the 20th and 21st for great activities and fun coming from the different clubs and booths on campus. FREE Cotton Candy, Popcorn and Snow Cones would be given out on that day so please be sure to drop by. You don't always get such delicious treats (:

Also.. We got a great great great performer for you!

Join Us!

Friday, September 9, 2011
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First Day
How was orientation ? I'm sure you guys are extremely excited for Fall Quarter now that you have met friends from your country and other countries! Don't forget to ask us student ambassadors for help if you are still uncertain of other things! We are always there for you!

Monday, September 5, 2011
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This Coming Fall
Hello my dear new international students!

Welcome to GRCC and hope you all have recovered from the jet-lag! How has seattle been treating you? The summer sun has been out most week and I strongly urge you guys to enjoy it as much as you can because Fall is coming!! So... What does Fall has for us?

New Student Orientation on Sept 9 Sept 12 Sept14 2011
Welcome Day Sept 15 2011
C.O.R.E Sept 16 - 17 2011
Dessert Social Sept 23 2011
Seattle Trip Sept 24 2011

Look how jam-pack your schedules are! Both studies and fun! Not to mention the upcoming event we have ready for you! Be prepared for events that requires "guts" , money and traveling. As we all know, Halloween is one of the biggest event besides Thanksgiving and Christmas for the remaining part of the year so brace yourself for what CLEO will be bringing!

Here are some pictures of what happened in our previous COREs, Dessert Socials and Seattle Trips!

Welcome Day


Seattle Trip

Main Campus
12401 SE 320th Street
Auburn, WA 98092-3622

Enumclaw Campus
1414 Griffin Avenue
Enumclaw, WA 98022

Kent Campus
417 Ramsay Way, Suite 112
Kent, WA 98032

Downtown Auburn Center
110 2nd Street SW, Suite 135
Auburn, WA 98001